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Project Leadership, Team Building
and Communications
(2 Days)

Course Description:
Project leadership, team building and communications are for some the most complex aspects of managing a successful project. Many project managers have demonstrated technical skills but lack confidence in their “soft skills” of leadership and staff management. The purpose of this course is to identify and challenge class participants’ current approaches to common issues in managing and motivating people, and to assist them in unleashing their leadership potential.

Students will learn about the core competencies of “remarkable” leaders: how they build relationships, develop subordinates, think innovatively, and communicate effectively. Attributes and behaviors of successful leaders will be demonstrated and reinforced through class exercises that will be compiled into a journal that students can refer to after they have completed the course. Where applicable, the course covers processes & knowledge areas that are consistent with PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide®).

Intended Audience:
Project Management Professionals (PMPs), project sponsors, project managers, project team members, operations managers, functional managers and other key stakeholders who would like to learn proven leadership and communications techniques.

Participants should have completed the Project Management Overview or a similar introductory course.

Course Content:
  • What makes a leader?
  • Developing your leadership potential
Continuous Learning
  • The learning cycle
  • A learning mind set
Becoming a Champion of Change
  • Planning and implementing change
  • Change resistance
Encouraging Creativity
  • Brainstorming & other creativity techniques
  • Implementing new ideas
Developing Powerful Communications
  • Communication styles
  • Presentation techniques
Building Relationships & Developing Others
  • Listening skills
  • Mentoring and coaching
Teamwork and Collaboration
  • A model for team success
  • Tips for improving meetings
Establishing a Customer Focus
  • Developing partnerships with customers
  • Recovering from poor service
Building Credibility
  • Core values and ethics
  • Importance of attitude
Responsibility and Accountability
  • Accepting accountability
  • Sharing responsibility and empowering others
Problem Solving Skills
  • Clarifying the problem
  • Decision making strategies
Managing Successful Projects
  • Project leadership skills
  • Setting and achieving goals
PMBOK Guide:
Knowledge Areas
  • Project Integration, Communications Management, and Human Resource Management
Process Groups
  • Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling
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